I am very open minded and enjoy all forms of sexual exploration, kink, fantasy, fetish and roleplay. The lists below help give an idea of what I can offer or build into a scene. I always begin with finding out your experiences, what you like, don't like and your desires - what you want to experience. The itensity of the scene will build as we go, and as I see how you react. Any limits and restrictions you have or we agree will be respected at all times.

You can read more about some scenarious that you may like or want to experience by clicking on a topic that interests you.
More details and topics will be completed in the coming week or so.

BDSM Taster

Anal Play

Ass Training


Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

CP / Corporal Punishment

Electro / E-Stim


Pup Play


Boot Licking & Worship

Boot Polishing / Cleaning

Foot / Sock Worship

Cum denial / Edging





Role play

Rope Bondage


Tickle Torture

Tit / Nipple Torture (TT)

Verbal Domination / Abuse

Candle Wax

BDSM Taster Session

You have that inner desire to submit, to serve, to be told what to do. But you have never explored it in a BDSM session or scene and aren't sure what to expect.

The taster session is a box of kinky chocolates, you aren't sure what you are going to get but it will be varied and some you may like others you can take or leave or may not want to repeat. But you will get to start your BDSM journey or slave training. A sample session may work as follows:

  1. You arrive at agreed time, I will greet you at the door in full Leathers and take you upstairs to the treatment room.
  2. We start with an informal drink and chat, agree limits, discuss safety, safe words, medical conditions etc.
  3. When ready you will follow down to the Dungeon where you will have a few moments to look around, take it in and ask any questions before we begin.
  4. You will then be asked to undress and kneel / stand in front of me. You will be asked if you are ready to submit / begin your training, and you will be asked to confirm safewords and your understanding of there use. Answers to all questions are expected to end with "Sir", so suitable answers here are "Yes Sir!"
  5. A collar will be placed around your neck, and may be padlocked on.
  6. And then the fun starts, you may have requested certain things to experience, have done or do, or you may just want to submit and allow me to show you lots of new experiences.

If there are particular things you have requested these will form part of the scene, otherwise I will go with what I fancy at the time - this could include flogging, paddling, cock and ball torture (cbt), tit torture (tt), spanking, ass play. Maybe time in the sling, on the st andrews, whipping bench or bondage chair.

Ass Play / Dildos / Fucking / Fisting

From anal virgin, to complete ass pig you can expect to explore and enjoy the pleasure of ass play all its forms.

One of the most important things about all assplay is to learn patience, and to ensure your first experiences are safe, comfortable and enjoyable! I have helped many bottoms connect or even reconnect with their holes, help them learn to relax, to open up and take larger or longer toys or whatever they wanted help with achieving or experiencing.

The majority of my toys are made from silicone rather then latex / vinyl as these feel better, but are also easier to clean and sanitise. After each session they are thoroughly washed, cleaned and sanitised in hospital grade disinfectant. Then I use nitrile gloves for all finger / fist place, and condoms on toys where appropriate.

Ass Training

Ass play is great fun, so many guys love getting fucked. But you may not be comfortable straight away, you may not be able to take larger cocks, or toys. Or you could be an anal virgin who wants to discover the pleasures that await.

Anal play is a slow path, you need to learn to enjoy it, and to help control and relax the muscles of the anus. Something that is surprisingly simple and easy to do with a little practice.

This can be incorporated into most scenes, and can be done in a variety of positions - on the floor, massage table, whipping bench or making use of the leather sling. Or you can try them all to see what suits you and your mood best.

Generaly there are two forms of ass play - depth and width. Some enjoy both, some just one - you just need to discover what works best for you. For either butt plugs are great aids in developing your ass skills. You can become comfortable with the fuller feeling, and feeling of something inside you, and of course dildos provide the perfect alternative to the real thing to practice with at home - I am more then happy to make recommendations on purchases of either.

Bigger Is Better

If you are more experienced ass pig and want to go further or just enjoy a session stretching and opening up then these bigger toys are perfect for you.

Whether its depth play (SquarePeg Colon Snake or Crack Stuffers Deep Plugs) or opening up wide with a variety of Square Peg or Crack Stuffers toys I'm sure you will find a toy here to satisfy you! I always try to ensure I have something available to practice with you won't have taken before.

Or of course there is just fingers and hands! I have fisted many, and the connection that comes from it cannot compare to anything else.


Bondage is about restriction, the loss of movement. There are so many options for including bondage within a scene, or making it the focus of a session. Most BDSM play will involve some form of bondage, it may just be wearing a pair of handcuffs or it could be tied in a hog-tie positon on the bondage board / floor.

Sometimes it may not involve any physical restrictions, you could just be instructed to place your hands on the wall, your feel a given distance apart and then told not to move. Nothing is physically stopping you - just the instruction of your Master.

Common bondage positions I may choose to use during a session are the hogtie (similar to that shown to the right), on your back legs, ankles and wrists tied togeteher, hands raised above head and held on wall (similar to St Andrews Cross positon), or maybe strapped down to the Whipping Bench with 12 straps holding you down.

Heavy Bondage

Sessions can also take the form of heavier bondage equipment such as a leather straight jacket.

Heavy bondage combined with sensory deprivation can be a highly relaxing and powerful experience. Here is an idea of one such session you may wish to explore:

The Mr S Neoprene Sleepsack lies on the massage table waiting to encase you. Slide your feet all the way down, put your arms inside the internal sleeves and lie back. The sack is slowly zipped up from your feet right up to the neck which is then closed with two press studs.

As you get comfortable you lift your head to have a soft black lycra hood placed over your head, it has an integrated blindfold to begin the sensory deprivation experience. You put your had back down, either on the table or resting a small pillow for comfort. Now either industrial ear defenders are placed around your ears, or headphones - maybe playing white noise?

As you get comfortable the sleepsack is roped up from the feet upwards, pulling it in tighter and closer around you. Working all the way to the top you are now completely encased.

But what then? Left for half an hour, an hour? How about an estim butt plug or cock rings, a vibrator just resting on the tip of your cock?


This is a very intense form of bondage, using a combination of pallet wrap and usualy duct tape your entire body is encased. A sleepsack is easy to be removed from, you unzip it. The only way you can escape from a mummification scene is with a pair of scissors to cut you out!

Mummification can be a total body enclosure including your head! Naturally the duct tape will pull out hairs and stick to the skin so first you are wrapped in a layer of pallet wrap, and the head muslin gauze. Slowly this is then covered in duct tape leaving the head exposed, or just the nose / mouth for breathing.

It is also possible to add some "fun" to this, vibrating cock rings, butt plugs, flaps for access to the cock or nipples maybe.

Due to the intensity of this scene it can only be done in longer bookings - 1.5hours minimum.

Puppy Play

Sometimes you really want to escape from reality, and just leave your life at the door and release your inner woofer!

Pup play is so popular now, and something I really enjoy - partly because I love playing with bio-dogs (real life ones). And pup play is the same, just that it is a human dog I am with.

Some pups like to play in just a collar, others like a puppy hood, pup tail, and mitts (paws). All of which I have available for you to play with / in if you choose. And of course a puppy cage to curl up in if you need a rest.

Some of the things I do with pups are:

  1. Balls and sqweeky toys - chase after your favourite toy or ball, play with the sqweeky!
  2. Learn to follow commands - sit, stay, roll over, lie down, heel etc. With treats and rewards for good well behaved pups!
  3. Puparoo - can you sit, stay still enough to have toys and sqweekies piled into your head without dropping them and playing with them?
  4. Belly rubs! What pup doesn't love belly rubs?

For some puppy play can be more sexual then just playing with toys and getting belly rubs! That is absolutely awesome and fine too, just discuss how you want to explore pup play.


"Completely helpless - perfect!!"

That is how one client described the feeling. There are various option for how you can be suspended in the Dungeon - each giving a very different sensation. When suspended there is a lot of things that could be done, anal play, cbt, ball weights, tit torture, tickling, violet wand, electro, or even just a gentle stroke. The most important thing to remember is you have lost all control - you can't get away.

Pictures of suspension scenes will be coming soon.

Suspension Harness

This is the most common form of suspension, and certainly the preferred way for many to experience it for the first time. You will be put into the Fetters Suspension Harness and then adjusted to a comfortable fit.

Once comfortable you will be lifted up using an electric hoist, your feet just barely off the ground or maybe a foot up! For complete helplessness your hands can be tied either behind your back or tied to the suspension bar above your head - either way they won't be able to be used.

Upside Down - Foot Suspension

Using some Fetters Foot Suspension Stirrups you start lieing on your back on the floor and then are slowly lifted up by your feet so you are dangling in mid air. Hands free or hands tied up, decisions decisions.

At present for foot suspension you must bring / wear tight fitting boots as the stirrups aren't padded and so not suitable for bare foot suspension.

Horizontal - Floating Suspension

Using the 2nd manual hoist in the Dungeon, giving much more control over movementm allows for horizontal suspension. Would you like to be a mumified in duct tape and then left floating mid air? A vibrator slowly working your cock and balls to a frenzy?

Or how about floating, and then feeling the gentle buzz of an electro butt plug and cock straps.

Electro / E-Stim / Violet Wand

"I have the power!" was the cry from He-Man after he help aloft his magic sword, and that is how I often feel when using some of the electro e-stim kit I have available.

Violet Wand

This is a very different form of electro play, it only stimulates the skin - and doesn't cause any muscle contractions or spasms. These are often a great introduction to electro play for many people.

A violet wand (the white handle shaped device to the left of the picture) uses a glass electrode that is brushed over or next to the skin. The power of the device is variable and at its lowest creates no sensation at all, then as it is turned up it feels a slight buzz or tickle across the skin and as it gets more intense so does the sensation - very much like pin pricks on the skin.

The devices get their name from the colour that the electrode's produce, they are filled with a gas such as neon so that they glow a lovely violet / purple colour. Some can be red, orange or blue - these are just governed by the gas inside the electrode.

E-Stim Power Box (Series 1)

The next step up from a TENS unit, this UK made power box is a great introduction to e-stimulatio. The box (running of a 9V battery) provides everything from the most gentle tickle to a hard thrusting pulse (and every variation in between). At one end of the scale it can feel like thousands of fingers running all over you skin, at the other end Hercules has come to play!

Various electrodes and contacts are available - bands around your cock, electro pads on your skin, urethral sounds or anal probes for a very unique form of prostate stimulation!

Coming Soon: E-Stim Series 2B Power Box

I'm very excited to announce I will shortly be able to offer the electo play unlike anything else. E-Stim Systems spent several years developing the 2B Powerbox, one of the most advanced electro play power boxs available! Designed and built here in the UK to the highest safety standards this is sure to take your experience to the net level.

It contains two seperate channels that can be controlled individually. And unlike the Series 1 box this system produces variable wavelenghts so instead of On / Off you can feel the power increase and decrease - waves instead of pulses.

Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)

Our cock and balls are very precious to us, and very sensitive! They can also be used within a BDSM session to really increase the intensity of experience, sensation or for pain pigs to hit new highs!

Not all cock and ball play is about heavy pain, some ideas of what it can involve are described here.

Cock play

Cock play for me is about intense pleasure and sensation - not pain but such intense pleasure it overloads the nerves. Drag a towel over the very tip of an erect cock for example. So you can do a lot of cock play with things like cock rings, vibrating rings, masturbators, gloves, towels, electro stimulation.

But the fun really starts after you cum ...

Ball Torture

For many, the journey is about ball torture endurance - seeing how far they can push themselves as their balls are abused. For some inspiration on this I suggest looking at some of the videos by Shotgun Video in San Francsico. Some of the hottest CBT porn you will find, and a personal favourite!

There are many forms that this can take, but generally fall into four groups - hitting / slapping, stretching, crushing or electro. Or of course a combination of them is always fun!

A personal favourite is to apply the ball stretchers to get them nice and tight on display, restrain the hands and legs out of the way and then use the Master U ball paddle. This has is cabon fibre reinforced with one hard side, and one slightly padded. Have a guess which is my favourite to use.

For stretching this can be done by hand, using some silicone ball stretchers or for adding some weights. A ball parachute holds them tight and then some rope through the pulley and the weight can be added - maybe a boot at a time, or weight plate (shown here upto 7.5Kg).

CP / Corporal Punishment

Ah the sound of a cane through the air right before it lands.

Over the knee, bent over, strapped to the whipping bench, suspended ... whats your favourite position? But what about implements - hand, hair brush, belt, paddles, ruler, strap, or of course the classic cane?

Sometimes you don't want a caning, you need it.

Whatever it is you need you will be dealt with accordingly!

Boot Worship & Boot Licking

Boots - there is something so incredibly sexy and masculine about them. And submitting to a man wearing them and showing your devotion and him and his boots to worshipping them is incredibly sexy.

Looking After Sir's Boots & Leathers